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Since 1999, Mike Forrester has covered many of the most severe weather events to affect the United States. Filming for broadcasters and freelance, Mike has captured the fury of Mother Nature on film - from hurricanes and tornadoes to ice storms and blizzards.

Waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Dennis on Wrightsville Beach, NCOur extreme weather footage has appeared on The Weather Channel, National Geographic, The Weather Network (Canada), Discovery Networks, ABC, CNN, NBC, a Texas instruments DLP television commercial as well as numerous local stations around the country.

Mike has not only filmed, but provided live satellite uplinks with network Meteorologists at or near the point of landfall to national networks during Hurricanes Gustav, Isabel, Floyd, Frances, Allison, Rita, Charley, Ivan, Wilma and Katrina - and those are just the most destructive.

In total, Mike and his team have covered over three dozen tropical systems for national networks from the Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and the Atlantic coastlines.

Mike has worked as both a cameraman and producer during severe weather events for national television networks, including evening network newscasts.

Mike Forrester filming tornado in Ogallah, KSDuring the spring, Mike travels around the Southeast and Midwest covering tornado outbreaks and severe weather events.

He has chased with severe weather researcher Joshua Wurman and the Doppler On Wheels (DOW) units throughout the Midwest.

Mike has ridden with IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey in the Tornado Intercept Vehicle while Sean was working on his film 'Inside The Tornado.'

In 2013, Mike produced for Meteorologist Jim Cantore while chasing with Reed Timmer and the Dominator tornado chase vehicles.

Mike and the Forrester Media team are available for coverage of severe weather during hurricane and tornado season. Please contact Mike Forrester regarding fees. Retainers are available to secure crews during peak storm months.

Below is exclusive aerial footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina during a helicopter flight from Biloxi to Gulfport, MS on September 10, 2005.

The Texas Instruments tornado commercial:

You can view videos from past storm chases on our YouTube Channel at


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I have known and worked with Mike for about a decade and I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure every time. As a Field Producer for The Weather Channel I have worked with Mike on everything from hurricanes to special projects and the results are always the same, excellent."

Michelle Birnbaum
The Weather Channel

Chasing in the Dominator with Jim Cantore

Live shots at National Weather Center in Norman, OK

Destruction of EF-5 tornado in Moore, OK

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