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Commercials, speeches, presentations and corporate and broadcast productions can all benefit from utilizing a teleprompter for your on-camera talent. Teleprompters allow your talent to deliver their message concisely, directly and repeatedly, making production and post production run smoothly and quickly.

Teleprompters and their operators are valuable production assets. You can find them on almost any well organized production that involves someone speaking to a camera.

On occasions where you need to refer to a PowerPoint deck, we can either advance the deck for you, or provide a wireless clicker to allow you to follow your slides. We find this especially valuable for medical professionals, doctors or presenters when delivering Continuing Medical Education presentations.

17" On Camera Teleprompter System Includes:

Our standard teleprompter system includes: 1 or more teleprompters, a professional, friendly operator, a laptop with prompting software and all necessary cables and accessories.

  • Lightweight 17" monitor
  • Very bright, high-quality LCD - brightness & contrast adjustable
  • Attaches to camera tripod, camera attaches to prompter sled
  • Various riser blocks, which attach to the prompter sled, allow the use of smaller DV cameras
  • Supports cameras up to 30 pounds
  • Can be used on a jib
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors

  • We look forward to working with you and being a integral part of your production team. It's also likely that, at some point in your career in the film, video, or entertainment industry, as a producer, coordinator, or even as a speaker, you'll be called on to use a teleprompter, or provide one for your client, if you haven't already done so.

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    My experience with you and your team was excellent. I interviewed several firms for the project and decided on Forrester Media mostly because you understood what I wanted from our first conversation, but then you followed it up with a cost proposal that was well within my budget.
    I could not have been happier with the film crew, the editing process and the final product."

    Eric Garrison
    AAA Parking

    On location with our on-camera teleprompting system.

    Teleprompter mounted to camera and Chapman Dolly.

    Teleprompter mounted on-camera for presenter on location production.

    View of Teleprompter screen and laptop.