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Our service doesn’t stop once we deliver the completed video. We help companies optimize, distribute, host and integrate video into their websites, client-facing outlets and social media portals. By listening to our clients needs, we are able to recommend tailored solutions and achieve greater results for their video.

Video Search Engine Optimization

For online video, we embed metadata (titles, keywords, descriptions and copyright) directly into the video. Known as Video Search Engine Optimization, or Video SEO, is key for videos that will be embedded on websites and online portals like YouTube. Search engines index videos much like they do web pages and today there are far fewer videos online than web pages. Having metadata embedded during encoding ensures no matter where the video is hosted, search engines can index it and provide a link in the search engine results page (SERP).

Video Hosting

By choosing video hosting, you eliminate storage and bandwidth issues on your web hosting account. We can recommend hosting options to fit any budget. We also consider ease of use when making recommendations. In most cases, a short piece of code is inserted in the HTML of the page where you want the video to appear. It’s that simple.

Another key advantage to video hosting is the ability to eliminate playback issues. Videos will play on whatever device the viewer is watching, whether it be an mobile device like the iPhone as well as iPad, laptop or desktop.

Video Distribution

Having video on your website is important, but equally important is having your video available on other portals. YouTube, which is owned by Google, needs to be one of the first places your video is loaded. It is instantly indexed by Google and of course, YouTube is the first (and largest) source of video files for Google to search. With our assistance, you can benefit from having your own YouTube Channel.

Client-facing outlets, including review sites like Kudzu and Yelp or business websites and pages like Google Places have the ability to include embedded or linked video within your profile. We can create or update your online profile to include video.

Social Media Integration

We can further maximize impact by posting your video to popular social media sites including LinkedIn and Facebook or link to your video via Twitter, Groupon or Yelp. In today's competitive marketplace, creating and maintaining interactions with your clients is increasingly important. Proper use of social media builds rapport, opens communication and turns clients into fans.

Consulting Service

We can provide consultation on nearly any video-related project or objective. From concept, to production options and delivery, clients have turned to us for unbiased recommendations and wise counsel for more than 20 years. Have a question, give us a call. We’re ready to listen.

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success stories

We commissioned Forrester to shoot a high-end video for one of our clients, specifying that the material needed to match pre-captured footage exactly: lighting, composition, quality, everything. Forrester nailed it -- and they were great to work with, from pre-pro to production to post-production follow-ups. I look forward to working with them again anytime."

Todd G.
Creative Director
Dow Jones